fun and frolic at pub libs


fun w/instant messenger 

nonny2: when librarians say X, they mean Y. go!
nonny2: that's a good question = i have no idea how i'm going to answer this question
nonny1: it's right over there=what, are you blind?
nonny2: there's a bathroom downstairs = please don't use the one up here.
nonny1: sure, I'll help you with the computer=what, are you blind?
nonny2: actually, don't worry about it, this happens to computers all of the time = you minimized your screen
nonny1: how may I help you?=even tho I'm not a shrink
nonny1: we can get any item you need=except back issues of "swank"
nonny2: excuse me, drinks aren't allow in the library = except my 2 liter stash of vodka gimlets
nonny1: to get downstairs you might try the stairs or the elevator=throw yourself off the balcony, will you?
nonny2: lol
nonny1: I have the hate in me
nonny2: no, sorry, that text book has been checked out = some other genious in your class was cheap and had the idea before you
nonny2: have a nice day = I know I will now that you're leaving
nonny1: yes, the da vinci code IS a very good book=sucker
nonny2: wait!
nonny2: you're going to read angels and demons
nonny1: the large print is over there=well, you probably are blind
nonny2: wow, you read it 12 times? That's great = I'm so happy there are bigger losers out there than me
nonny2: _Holes_ is a great book for young adults = I've never read it!
nonny1: lol
nonny1: those are some very interesting ideas, mr. snow/aclu guy=whoa, etc.
nonny2: ok, that's fine = you're an idiot
nonny1: let me put a hold on that for you right now=right after I put one on for myself because I didn't realize that item was available
nonny2: I'm sorry sir, we really can't do that = well, we could, but you're a jerk.
nonny2: May I help you with something? = I had to come over here and talk to you, because you look like you might set the library aflame
nonny1: listen, some of the patrons were complaining about the noise level/smell over here=I can't work in this kind of environment
nonny1: east of eden? sure=well, at least you'll be digging your head out of the tv for a few days
nonny2: i'm sorry, the computers are down = because the circ staff is drunk.
nonny2: east of eden? sure! = yeah, that's original
nonny2: nice to finally meet you, jim = we call you "bubble boy" behind your back


I'd be able to update this thing if only 

1. We'd hire someone.
2. That person would be working whenever something interesting happened.

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