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Surprise! I have a blog but nothing to write about 

Not that I've, uh, ever had a blog before. Yep, I'm completely new at this game. The resemblence to that other blog is entirely coincidental. I'm just a big fan, that's all.

Summer Reading Program Scandal 

I was in charge of drawing names for the Adult Services Summer Reading Program prizes. I'm here to confess that it was not a random selection of accomplished readers.

Two entries I saw made me angry:

One gentleman was so bold enough to specifiy which prize he'd prefer, should he be chosen. Instant disqualification.

One woman so boldly wrote that the date for completion of the SRP should be 2-3 weeks later. Oops, did that fall in the recycling bin?

I chose the winners by examining all of the entries, seperating the kind souls that wrote positive comments about the program or the library on their log sheet.

After there were no more entries with nice words, I looked for handwriting which most likely came from elderly people. To these people I awarded tickets to the local theatre. They will probably enjoy seeing the show.

Hi, I'm Nonny2.

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